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Welcome to our online store! We are currently offering Snuffle Mats expertly designed and made by Wendy Hilton. A Snuffle Mat is a fun food puzzle toy for your dog! It uses your dog’s natural ability to search for things using his sense of smell. This is also a great toy to help slow down a dog who eats too quickly or entice a dog who is not very enthusiastic about eating.

desi-snuffle-mat-2016     sasha-snuffle-mat-2016

Start out by scattering a few treats or kibble on top of the fleece that your dog can easily find. To make it harder, scatter the treats then lightly run your fingers back and forth through the fleece so the treats fall deeper into the mat.

As with any toy, please monitor your dog’s interaction with the Snuffle Mat to make sure they are using it appropriately and not eating the fleece or mat. Remove the Snuffle Mat when the treats are gone.

Finished size: 14" x 14" x 4"; Materials: heavy duty rubber matting, fleece

To clean: hand wash or hose off and let air dry.

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