Dog Boarding Options – Summers and holidays bring family, friends, food, festivities and travel. If you can’t take your pup with you and you don’t have family or friends available, what is the best place to care for him?  This article outlines the various options for your dog and how to evaluate them so your pup has top notch care while you’re gone.

Relief for Carsick Dogs – Many dogs suffer from car sickness. If you have a puppy or adolescent dog, they often have issues with their equilibrium while they are developing. The good news is that youngsters often outgrow car sickness. In the meantime, this article will give you tips to help your pooch have a more positive experience in the car.

Got Digging? – Digging is a common past-time for many dogs but their version of landscaping doesn’t usually match ours. How to address the digging depends on the reason for it.

Watchdog Barking – Do you have a dog that thinks he needs to tell you every time someone passes by your house? A certain amount of barking is normal for dogs.  But if his barking is making you want to bark back or tear your hair out, you have a problem. Barking at people approaching or passing by your house is commonly referred to as “watchdog barking.” This article includes a 2-part approach to bring peace and quiet back to your home.

Demand Barking – Does your dog bark at you to get you play, give her attention, when she’s hungry, when she’s bored or just to tell you you’re preparing dinner too slowly?  If so, she is demonstrating demand or attention seeking barking. Implement this simple rule to eliminate this annoying habit for good.

Puppy Socialization – Socialization is the most important thing you need to work on with your puppy and needs to be done long before they are fully vaccinated. This article from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior provides all the “whys” and “how-tos” to ensure your puppy grows into a healthy, happy and behaviorally sound dog.