Online Classes

We are now offering Online Classes! Each class is 3 weeks long and all done from the comfort and safety of your home. We are using Zoom Conferencing so that all classes online will be similar to how they are held in person – we will be able to see and hear each other so I can demo with one of my dogs and then coach each of you through the exercises. Zoom is very easy to use and you can connect using a computer, tablet or phone anywhere you have internet access. Classes are small and provide individual attention.

Registration: Select the class below that you’d like to enroll in and then fill out the online enrollment form.

Enrollment fee: The fee for the 3-week online classes is $120 ($10 discount for spayed/neutered or rescued dogs).

Class Descriptions

Fun and Games at Home is a class for all dogs young and old. You’ll teach your dog a variety of cute tricks, learn how to use items on your walks or in the house to create a fun obstacle course, ways to exercise your dog when stuck at home and some creative games that are easy to play anywhere. There will also be tips and tricks to keep your dog busy and quiet while you are working from home.

Advanced Fun and Games at Home is for any dog that has completed our Fun and Games at Home class. There will be new tricks, extra fun games and more challenging obstacle courses – plus much more!

Fearful Dogs is for shy, hesitant, or worried dogs. Through short fun games, the class will help you understand how to support and work with a fearful dog, help them feel safe and build their confidence so they will be less stressed and enjoy life more.

Rockin’ Retrieves is a mini 3-week, 30 minutes per week class to teach your dog to retrieve or to fill in the gaps so your dog will happily join in a game of fetch.

Chase! Does your dog love to chase squirrels, other small animals or bikes? Do you hold on for dear life when encountering these on your walk? Tired of dragging your lunging dog away? Then this is the class for you! Our Chase! class will help transform your dog into a more attentive and manageable walking partner. You will learn strategies to get your dog’s attention when being taunted by small furry creatures (or whatever your dog likes to chase), how to get out of difficult situations and develop calmer responses to these challenging distractions.

Double Dog Tricks is a class for families with 2 dogs who know some basics (sit, down, stay). You’ll learn how to teach them to take turns when training and tricks they can do together such as “who’s your buddy” and “leap frog”. Double the fun!

The Big 3 class is for dogs that have already learned the basics (sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking) and includes exercises and games to address the three biggest training challenges – loose leash walking, come and jumping. This class is full of easy games that teach your dog to happily and quickly come when called, greet people nicely with feet on the floor and become an enjoyable walking partner.

Puppy Essentials is for puppies less than 18 weeks old and includes all the really important things puppies need to learn right away — house training, crate training, puppy biting, chewing, and how to socialize your puppy while in isolation. We will also cover the basics such as sit, come, leave it, drop it and a cute trick or two.

Puppy Essentials – Part 2 is for puppies who have completed our Puppy Essentials class. We will cover loose leash walking, down, stay, attention, distractions, barking, fading treats, impulse control, continued socialization and dealing with adolescent behavior.

Just the Basics is for dogs 5 months and older who want a head start on some basic training. We will cover sit, down, stay, come, walking on leash, leave it, polite greetings and a cute trick or two.

Intermediate is for dogs that have already learned the basics (sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking) and are ready for more challenges. In this class, we’ll add real world training such as working around distractions, including recalls past distractions and enjoying your neighborhood walks with your dog on a loose leash while encountering people, dogs, smells, stuff on the ground, etc. You’ll also teach them to “go to their mat” to give them an appropriate place to hang out while you are working, eating dinner, etc.

Advanced Fun and Games at Home
Completion of Fun and Games at Home
Apr 25 - May 09

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm$0.00